About Us

Z to A Craftsman Designs is a custom furniture and product company. Each piece created is made in our small shop in Missouri. We carry ready to ship items, and we can also create beautiful, unique furniture pieces designed specifically with functionality and style in mind. Each piece created is one of a kind!


Where we started:

I have had a passion for woodworking for over 15 years. In January 2020, I decided to start my own business with the goal of providing superior custom products that meets the customer's vision and desires. I have always prided myself in all my past work experiences on customer service, which is something I seek to do within my own business with every customer I come in contact with. I find great satisfaction in providing products that customers can enjoy for many years to come.


How did we get our name?

The name 'Z to A Craftsman Designs' was created based on my children's names to create a unique and meaningful business name.